Amparo Aguirre Arenas


Professional dentist graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia, Masters degree on dental esthetic and rehabilitation from the New York University. Known nationally and internationally as one of the dentists with the most rename in the show, and sport business.

Attempts to create a lasting relationship with all of her patients on daily bases, gaining their trust and satisfaction by assuring the maximum quality in all of their dental treatments, constantly seeking excellence, with the purpose to offer the kind of service the patients that entrust her with their smile disserve.

Founder of a dental clinic that has her name on it. Located in the Colombian department of Antioquia the clinic is fully equipped to perform the most modern odontology techniques in the market.

To the date alongside with her team of specialist she has treated over 100.000 patients, over 23 years of experience in the market, giving as a result renewed smiles, and happier people. Actors, Actresses, models, athletes, businessman and woman, and people who dream with a new smile have bet their trust on her work.

With her clinics she’s started a social project named“ cumpliendo sueños, transformado vidas”, which translates to “accomplishing dreams, changing lives” it consists on helping low income people to bring back their smiles into their daily life. Due to various situations in particular through their lives some people have lost one or several teeth, and with them their confidence to smile through life; most of the times a dental treatment is a luxury they cannot afford, so the clinic gives it away to them in order to restore their smiles and their confidence to do so.