¿How much does a smile design costs?

In Clínica Amparo Aguirre each patient has a highly personalized treatment, necessities and desires. Because of that the prices for a smile design are very variable specially because in some cases teeth replacement is needed, in others not so much, and also depends on the material that the patient wants (resins or porcelain).


¿How long does it take to get a smile design fully done?

In regular conditions, meaning by regular conditions that the patient has a good oral health and doesn’t require additional procedures, a smile design could take around 3 to 4 days.


¿How much does an assessment appointment cost?

The assessment appointment costs $50.000 COP, this value will be discounted from the treatment if the patient stays.


¿What’s the difference between resin and porcelain designs?

The veneers are ceramic or resin laminas places on the frontal part of the tooth. The main difference between the two material relies on the durability, the cares that have to be taken in account and the cost. Usually the ones that we would recommend are the porcelain veneers due to their high durability, no need of constant revisions, and the resistance to pigmentation. Resins reduce the cost of the design, but require more care than porcelain does.