Esthetic Odontology

Esthetics and oral rehabilitation is the branch of odontology that combines art and science in the search of a harmonious smile, by modifying the symmetry, proportion and color, biologically integrated to the gingival tissues, lips, and other facial structures. All done with the sole purpose of giving back to every patient one of the most beautiful expressions of the human being. A SMILE.


Smile Design

It’s the union of aesthetics, science, and art to establish harmony between the facial features of the person and his teeth in terms of position, texture, form, color, and size. In this process we listen and interpret the necessities, and desires of our patients, we create a clinical history, diagnosis, and subsequently define the treatment to follow. In the smile design various specialties might be required to intervene depending on the particular necessities of each patient.



It is a conservative treatment with esthetical purposes to treat the color alteration on the teeth. Eliminates stains or colorations of internal as external origin, due ti diverse etiologies. The proper performance of this treatment guarantees safe and satisfactory results for us and for our patients.



Implants are metallic products design to substitute the roots of the teeth. Implants are surgically located on the jawbone, underneath the gums. Once placed, the dentist can proceed to adjust crowns over them that will replace the absent dental pieces.



Medical-surgical specialty of odontology in charge of the study on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of supportive tissues deceases.



Endodontic odontology takes care of the morphology, physiology and pathology of the dental pulp, and periradicular tissues. Its area of study and practice cover the basic and clinical sciences, which include the biology of the normal pulp, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of pulpal diseases.


Oral Rehabilitation

It’s the part of odontology in charge of diagnosing and giving back the form, function and esthetic without ignoring the desires that the patient brings along with his bio-psychosocial model that has been developed through his life experience, expectations, necessities and motivations.

These areas are replaced for structures such as fixed prosthesis, removable prosthesis, and total prosthesis, integrating the dental muscular occlusal system with the alterations of the...



Dentistry specialty devoted to the study of the occlusion, prevents, diagnose, and treats anomalies, that may be present on the teeth in terms of morphology, position, and dentomaxillofacial structural functions generating a control fo different kinds of forces.

In Amparo Aguirre Arenas odontology we count with a revolutionary method denominated: invisible orthodontics. This method doesn´t require the use of braces, instead the patient uses removable transparent plates. The method results less painful, more comfortable, and more esthetic.


Pediatric Odontology

The oral hygiene is a fundamental part of the general health during children development. Pediatric odontology treats preventive and therapeutic oral care for children and teenagers.

The main objective during the dental treatment is to guide our little patients towards a positive attitude to our treatment. By gaining their cooperation and trust we create a peaceful, dental-themed, environment in order to give the children a good experience. This positive experience endorses the development of a good relation with the dentist and the assistant personal that will continue to grow during future visits.


Contact lenses

Most of the times that we perform a diagnosis, we realize that in order to create the restorations, its only necessary the augmentation of matter, without the need of diminishing dental tissue. In these cases the contact lenses are the way to go. It is an adhesive technique with a biomechanical behavior that consists of fine ceramic sheets that are placed directly to the teeth.


Veneers (Porcelain restoration)

Veneers are porcelain restorations, that posses high hardness level, translucency, and esthetics that covers the anterior face of the teeth. It sticks to the dental structure simulating an enamel layer that has the color, and brightness desired, by changing the size, shape and color of the teeth in a conservative way.


Sedation / Pain-free Odontology - Calma

To those people who are too nervous when it come3s to dental procedures we offer the service of profound sedation, provided by the company Calma, and their highly qualified personnel. This service makes the experience of going to the dentist less stressful, and in surgical procedures of long duration it optimizes the conditions of it. The service of company to your home post-surgical is also offered.

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